Spiritual Guidance & Military Remote ViewingwithSkip Atwater

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For ten years F. H. “Skip” Atwater was the Operations and Training Officer for the U.S. Army’s secret remote viewing program. He recruited and trained an elite cadre of professional intelligence officers to do remote viewing for the Department of Defense and various members of the national intelligence community. After retiring from the Army, be became president of the Monroe Institute in Virginia. He is author of Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul: Living with Guidance. His website is https://captain-of-my-ship.com/

Here he reviews many lesser known details concerning how the United States Army initiated and sustained a remote viewing program.

00:00:00 Introduction

00:02:02 Childhood spiritual influences

00:09:44 Military interest in remote viewing

00:29:36 Official launch of the Fort Meade program

00:41:28 Remote viewing training

00:48:53 Ingo Swann’s involvement

00:51:15 The Monroe Institute

01:01:36 Spiritual guidance

01:05:44 Postmortem assistance

01:10:57 Conclusion

Edited subtitles for this video are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish.

(Recorded on March 14, 2024)

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Published on April 12, 2024


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