Spatial and Temporal Coherences of Biophoton Emission | Daqing Piao

Growing bodies of experiments have revealed that the spontaneous biophoton emission of humans shows patterns of coherence in both spatial presentation and temporal phase-variation. The spatial coherence pattern refers to correlations of the intensity changes of biophoton emission of humans between distant anatomic locations (Van Wijk et al., 2014). The temporal coherence pattern refers to synchronous or sequential occurrences of changes of biophoton emission of humans at various anatomical locations when influenced by a systematic exogenous factor (Kobayashi et al., 2009). These weak albeit undeniable patterns of spatial and temporal coherences (to the least correlations) are different from, and thus inexplicable by, the coherence of localized photon-counting of Poisson-statistics as stipulated by Popp et al. according to the decay of induced change of biophoton emission in organisms when stressed.

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Published on June 11, 2023