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caroline cory connecting to source caroline cory e.t. contact: they are here caroline cory god among us: inside the mind of the divine masters caroline cory i am the universe/i am love caroline cory superhuman: the invisible made visible caroline cory the divine plan: now and beyond 2250 caroline cory the visible and invisible worlds of god

Caroline Cory is a filmmaker, author, teacher, and healer. Her books include Holy Crocodile: Stories of Saints and the Animals Who Helped Them, The Visible and Invisible Worlds of God, God Among Us: Inside the Mind of Divine Masters, and The Divine Plan: Now and Beyond 2250. Her documentaries include Superhuman: From the Invisible to the Visible. Other films include E.T. Contact: They Are Here, I Am The Universe/I Am Love, and Among Us. Most recently she produced and directed A Tear in the Sky. Her website is

Here she describes in detail how her life history as a psychic experiencer led her to direct and film this unique project. Based on frequent UFO sightings reported near Catalina Island, off the California coast, she put together three teams of researchers – armed with extensive photographic and scientific equipment. One team was on the island. Another in Laguna Beach on the mainland. A third team was a mobile unit along the California coastline. The project ran for five days and captured anomalous activity.

(Recorded on May 4, 2022)

Published on May 23, 2022


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