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Mona Sobhani, PhD, is a cognitive neuroscientist who is a former research scientist at the University of Southern California and is the co-founder of Exploring Consciousness, a community of curious scientists who are seeking to understand consciousness and spirituality. She is the author of Proof of Spiritual Phenomena: A Neuroscientist’s Discovery of the Ineffable Mysteries of the Universe. She writes about the psychedelic renaissance, altered states of consciousness, and the transpersonal In the Brave New World of Psychedelic Science on Substack. Her website is

Mona shares her transformation from being a diehard scientific materialist to an open-minded spiritual seeker and suggests collaboration among all scientific fields to help understand the nature of reality.

00:00:00 Introduction

00:05:40 Psi research

00:10:20 Materialistic science

00:15:59 Reading coffee grounds

00:27:36 Brain and consciousness

00:32:22 Scientific method

00:45:23 Meditation compared to psychedelics

00:47:44 Spiritual dimension

00:53:37 Science and spirituality coexisting

01:04:18 Conclusion

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New Thinking Allowed CoHost, Emmy Vadnais, OTR/L, is an intuitive healer and health coach based in St. Paul, Minnesota. She is the author of Intuitive Development: How to Trust Your Inner Knowing for Guidance With Relationships, Health, and Spirituality. Her website is

(Recorded on February 15, 2023)

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Published on March 17, 2023


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