Retrocognition and Precognition: Taking Time Seriously | Daniel Sheehan & Patricia Cyrus

Dr. Sheehan has taught physics at the University of San Diego since 1989. His research interests include plasma physics, planetary formation, nanotechnology, the second law of thermodynamics, and the physics of time.

Summary: Over the last two decades, the phenomenon of time has come under increased scrutiny by the physics community. While the fundamental equations of physics are time-symmetric — that is, elementary processes can be described equally well using time-forward or time-reversed mathematics — reality and consciousness unfold in a decidedly unidirectional, time-forward manner, indicating a so-called “arrow of time.” Usually. In fact, certain well documented phenomena, especially precognition, suggest that our conception of time is probably incomplete and in need of major revision. This talk will explore the nature of time in physics and experiments that call into question our basic understanding of it. Experiments to probe the lacunae will be proposed.


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Published on July 22, 2023