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Jeffery Martin, PhD, is a social scientist who researches personal transformation. He is a Reiki master and is the author of The CompleteGuide to Reiki. Jeffery is currently the director of the Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness, and the Center for the Study of Intent. Portions of his research on power of thought and non-symbolic consciousness are also available in the popular fiction book, The Fourth Awakening.

Here he describes how his mother’s illness prompted him, at a young age, to seek training as a spiritual healer. Reiki is a tradition that originated in Japan and is generally attributed to Takao Usui, although there are antecedents. It entails channeling a spiritual energy source, rather than willfully endeavoring to direct some form of healing process. He describes how he was able to use Reiki to successfully heal broken bones. However, he notes that healers seem to have individual specialties. He also notes that research studies have, overall, failed to find a significant effect following Reiki treatment – even though this is not consistent with his own personal experience.

(Recorded on January 6, 2017)

Published on January 11, 2017


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