Realms of Non-Human IntelligencewithSean Esbjörn-Hargens

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Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, PhD, is Dean of Integral Education at the California Institute for Human Science and Program Director of the MA/PHD program in Integral Noetic Sciences which has an optional concentration in Anomalous Studies. He founded the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice. He has also authored or edited eight books including: Integral Ecology (co-authored with Michael E. Zimmerman), Metatheory for the Twenty-first Century (co-edited with Roy Bhaskar et al), and Dancing with Sophia (co-edited with Michael Schwartz). In 2018 he founded The Institute of Exo Studies which draws on over 50 disciplines to help make sense of anomalous and extraordinary experiences of our multiverse. His website is

You can download his paper, Our Wild Kosmos! at

Here he explains that non-human intelligence can be thought of as natural to the earth (faeries and elementals), from outer space (i.e., ETs), or from celestial realms (angels and devas). His “integral” approach involves taking into consideration the huge spectrum of possibilities as evidenced in the academic, esoteric, and UFOlogical literature. He maintains that no single approach is sufficient to capture the complexity of the phenomena.

(Recorded on March 15, 2022)

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Published on March 30, 2022


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