Psychological Aspects in Ancient Spiritual Traditions of IndiawithKiran Kumar Salagame

kiran kumar salagame


Abraham Maslow Adam Curle Aurobindo Buddhist Psychology Girindrasekhar Bose Ian Stevenson Jadunath Sinha Kabir kama sutra Ken Wilber Patanjali radical empiricism Ramana Maharshi reincarnation Rhys Davids Vatsayana Vivekananda WIlhelm Wundt William James

Kiran Kumar Salagame, PhD, is former chairman of the psychology department at the University of Mysore, India. He is also vice-president of the International Transpersonal Association. He is author of The Psychology of Meditation: A Contextual Approach.

Here he reviews historical efforts to develop forms of academic psychology in alignment with the classical philosophical and spiritual traditions of India, starting with the work of Swami Vivekananda near the end of the nineteenth century. He explains that Indian psychology focuses on transcendental states of consciousness that are generally overlooked in Western psychology.

(Recorded on January 7, 2020)

Published on January 26, 2020