Pictorial Messages from the Afterlife: A Look at Early 20th century Dutch Mediumistic Art

In the process of collecting and preserving Dutch parapsychological and spiritualistic archival materials, Wim Kramer and his colleagues encountered several original art paintings and drawings from the early 20th century. This triggered a serious interest in the origins, the mediumistic artist and the artistic quality of these works. In 2013 they started a preliminary study on these art paintings and drawings. In his Public Parapsychology talk, Wim will present a first impression of these works with a focus on the art drawings made by the, now forgotten, Dutch medium Mr. J.H. Verwaal and others.

Pictorial Messages from the Afterlife: A Fascinating Look at Early 20th century Dutch Mediumistic Art Paintings

Wim H. Kramer obtained his degree in clinical and experimental psychology at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He practiced for five years as a clinical psychologist specialized in counseling clients reporting ‘paranormal experiences’. He continued his career for 15 years in several senior management positions in the telecoms industry and obtained a Dutch (Nyenrode University) and US (Simon school, Univ. of Rochester, NY) degree in business administration. Currently he holds the position of Managing Director of the Dutch Foundation Stichting Het Johan Borgman Fonds.

Published on June 16, 2017