Philosophical Specters, Hauntings, and ExorcismswithJacob W. Glazier

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Jacob W. Glazier, PhD, has a doctorate degree in Psychology: Consciousness and Society from the University of West Georgia. He is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Positive Human Development and Social Change at Life University and an online Adjunct Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology at New York University – Steinhardt. He is author of Arts of Subjectivity: A New Animism for the Post-Media Era. His website is

Here he focuses on the philosophical, political, and linguistic writings of Jacques Derrida, particularly his book Specters of Marx. Derrida invokes concepts such as conjuration and exorcism to describe philosophical processes. As one of the founders of the post-modern, deconstruction movement, Derrida wielded an enormous influence on twentieth century academic discourse. Glazier relates this intellectual movement to issues relevant to contemporary parapsychology.

(Recorded on June 10, 2020.)

Published on July 4, 2020


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