Patrick Huyghe | What Every Maverick Scientist Needs

“Solid data. An interested journalist. And good luck. I have spent most of my career as a journalist covering the claims of maverick scientists. How this came about, what “rule” I had to follow in order to get published, and what a scientist needs to best present their maverick claim are the subject of this presentation. I will largely focus on one “case study,” where I had a chance to see what happens behind the scenes of a maverick claim’s struggle for acceptance. And how I ended up unintentionally being the claim’s last remaining advocate.”

Patrick Huyghe was a freelance science journalist for 25 years, writing for The New York Times, Discover, The Sciences, and other magazines. He is also the author of several books, including Columbus Was Last. He attended the first meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration in 1982 and later served as the editor of the SSE’s magazine for the public, EdgeScience, for its first 50 issues. He is now the editor and publisher of Anomalist Books.

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Published on January 19, 2024