Panel on Education in Parapsychology

Panel on Education in Parapsychology

Panel Members: Chantal Toporow (moderator), Damon Abraham, John G. Kruth, Christine Simmonds-Moore


Students and enthusiasts of edge science and parapsychology are often looking for reliable information to increase their knowledge and develop their research skills. This panel includes discussions of the role of educators and the experiences of students in diverse learning environments that provide certificates, degrees, and programs for the curious and professionals.

Chantal Toporow is the Education Chair of the SSE, a retired professor in the engineering sciences, and currently teaching in the arts and edge sciences. Her diverse background provides unique insight across disciplines and provides a foundation for the value of cross-training in the arts and sciences.

Damon Abraham earned his PhD in 2021 and has maintained an association with SSE and PA for several years. After obtaining his degree, he served as an adjunct professor, instructing courses on Social Psychology and Research Methods. During this time, he subtly integrated topics from parapsychology into his curriculum. With a foundation in technology and organizational studies, he provides a unique perspective to the exploration of edge sciences and offers valuable insights for students aiming to pursue academic degrees and careers in the field.

John G. Kruth is the co-founder and Education Director of the Rhine Education Center which has been providing online courses and certificates in parapsychology since 2011. The multi-disciplinary educational opportunities include certificate programs with courses on research methods & evaluation techniques, applying science to assist in developing psi, and the history and expression of psi experiences as represented in the arts and literature.

Christine Simmonds-Moore is a professor at the University of West Georgia which offers graduate degree programs for students interested in parapsychology and edge sciences from within the psychology department. A researcher and experienced instructor, Dr. Simmonds-Moore developed and directs the parapsychology research program and has supervised numerous PhD students who are now active researchers in the field.

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Published on March 20, 2024