Ogham and the Celts: Ancient Script, Modern Pagan Divination

Discover the world of the Ogham script, an ancient form of writing developed by the Celts in Ireland during the early centuries CE. Characterized by linear strokes carved into stone and wood, Ogham is one of Ireland’s earliest known alphabets. In this video, we explore its historical origins, cultural significance, and modern interpretations within Paganism.

We’ll tackle:

* The scholarly debate on Ogham’s origins and its development.

* The significance of Ogham inscriptions found across Ireland and the British Isles.

* The role of the Book of Ballymote in preserving Ogham knowledge.

* The modern neo-pagan practice of Ogham divination and its tree associations.


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00:00 Introduction Ogham -pronunciation guide and explanation

01:01 Support Angela’s Symposium

02:10 Origins of the Ogham writing system

02:52 Geographic extent of Ogham

03:33 Uses of Ogham – Ogham stones

04:19 Insights into Irish culture in the Middle Ages

05:45 Usage by Celts and Proto-Celts

06:56 Earliest inscriptions on Standing Stones

07:28 The Book of Ballymote – a key to reading Ogham

10:08 Other mediaeval manuscripts and archaeology

10:47 The Littleton Weaver’s Sword

11:41 Ogham in contemporary Paganism and Divination

12:14 The Ogham Tree Alphabet

13:51 Historical vs. Modern Interpretations

15:04 Support Angela’s Symposium

️ Copyright of Dr Angela Puca, in all of its parts ️

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Published on June 9, 2024