New Energy Technologies ~ What Can We Believe? | Garret Moddel

New Energy Technologies: What Can We Believe?

Garret Moddel

University of Colorado Boulder, CO

According to YouTube and elsewhere on the Internet:

• Cold fusion, currently known as low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), is well established. The successful operation of a system developed by Rossi in Italy has been independently verified, and Defkalion, a Greek company, has demonstrated a system.

• A self-powered Bedini generator can charge and restore batteries.

• Tesla’s scalar waves travels faster than light, and can provide limitless energy.

• A Papp engine produces months of power with a single charge of a mixture of gases.

• Intense nuclear fusion has been produced by cavitation that results in the rapid collapse of

gas bubbles.

• Blacklight Power has demonstrated power production using a low-energy form of


• The Searl effect uses an set of rotors to produce energy and an anti-gravity force.

• T. Henry Moray invented and repeatedly demonstrated a device for extracting radiant

energy from the atmosphere.

• Orbo permanent magnetic generators produce energy with no other apparent input.

• Brown’s gas (HHO) can be formed from water to provide fuel to run an engine.

• Kenneth Shoulders’ charge clusters can be used to provide much more energy than is

required to form them.

• Meyer and Mace patented a magnetic circuit in France that produces a large energy gain.

• Zero-point energy fills the quantum vacuum and Haisch and Moddel patented a method

to harvest it.

According to Wikipedia:

• New energy technologies are pseudoscience.

• When real scientists examine over unity systems, they have always been disproven.

Where is the truth?

The answer involves a combination of the closed-minded certainty of established scientists versus measurement errors and self-delusion of inventors, spiced with suppression and conspiracy.

Garret Moddel is a professor of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado. Along with developing new energy conversion technologies, his research group investigates psi phenomena. He is working on an initiative to investigate exotic energy technologies, such as those described here, at the University. Recently he served as president of the SSE, and prior to that, president & CEO of Phiar Corporation, a high-tech start-up company. Garret earned a BSEE degree from Stanford and MS and PhD degrees in Applied Physics from Harvard.

Recorded at the 33rd annual SSE Conference in 2014 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport,

Burlingame, California, USA.

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Published on November 18, 2018