March 19th Allison Jornlin The Hidden Ghost Hunter Remembering Catherine Crowe

A presentation from Parapsychology Research and Education (also known as ParaMOOC2023).

Abstract: Today, the term poltergeist is well-known, but you’ve probably never heard of the English writer who first brought the phenomena to mainstream attention. Catherine Crowe not only compiled a staggering collection of ghost stories and other paranormal claims but laid the foundation for future psychical research in her ground-breaking book The Night-Side of Nature.

This presentation will showcase this largely forgotten trailblazer’s contributions and share some colorful stories from her life and work.

Biography: Allison Jornlin developed Milwaukee’s first haunted history tour in 2008. Since then, she has presented at paranormal conferences across the U.S. and contributed essays and research to several popular books. Allison currently works as a professional weirdo, researching and writing for She also runs a fledgling YouTube channel called “Paranormal Women,” devoted to educating the public about female contributions to psychical research. Subscribe at


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Published on March 23, 2023