March 14th Robb Tilley Apparitions and Ghost Experiences An Introduction to Haunt Clearing

Robb Tilley of Parapsychology Australia gave the presentation for the ParaMOOC2023 free open online course.

Abstract: Robb Tilley will review a haunt-clearing (ghost-clearing) he

conducted during 2020–2021 in Sydney, using surveys, interviews, and recordings to document psychic clearings of apparitions and haunts.

Biography: Robb Tilley has done over 550 haunted house and poltergeist cases and about half a dozen possession cases over the past 35 years. He has also been the Public Officer for Parapsychology Australia since 1999. He describes his work as the psychic clearing of unwanted entities, all three

types are dealt with in the same process.

A video of Tilley’s work with psychologist, Dr. Lance Storm of Adelaide University, can be seen here:

Parapsychology Australia:

Published on March 19, 2023