March 11th Beth Darlington Possible Alternative Explanations

Aired on March 11th, 2023

A presentation from Parapsychology Research and Education (also known as ParaMOOC2023).


Those who investigate the possibility of paranormal phenomena are wise to have sound knowledge of how our minds work and how affected we can be by the environment around us.

What could be considered a paranormal experience to one investigator may be explained as a natural occurrence to another.

In this talk, Beth goes through 9 of the most common areas of interest that investigators need to be aware of to be as effective as they can in assisting with investigating an individual’s paranormal experience.


With almost 15 years of active paranormal investigation experience, Beth Darlington has a wealth of knowledge and is a valuable contributor to the field of interest. Having started her journey while living in the United Kingdom, she moved to Australia and joined the paranormal investigation team. With her vision for education for the “middle level” investigator, she decided to branch out independently as an independent paranormal investigator, and Access Paranormal was born. Initially a website for the Australian paranormal field, it has since branched out to be one of the leading online learning websites for investigators worldwide.

Equally passionate about events, Beth has hosted mini information talk nights right up to hosting international guests (for example, The Klingee brothers) alongside the Australian Paranormal Society. Beth is an international speaker (Paracon Australia, Scarefest, Las Vegas Paracon, Skepticon Australia, and Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena – ASSAP) and a featured author and podcaster. As well as being a qualified trainer and assessor, she has studied with the Rhine Research Center for Education and the School of Parapsychology. She is a member of the Society of Psychical Research, the Ghost Club, and ASSAP. She currently lives in Kent, UK.

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Published on March 12, 2023