MAGICK in RELIGIOUS STUDIES – Q&AwithAndrew Reitemeyer

Questions I answer in this video:

00:00 Intro with Andrew

3:30 Anthropology

The importance of studying outliers to help understand a culture – how esoteric religions are a comment on and a way of examining modern cultures.

8:00 The persistence of magic

The survival of beliefs in the face of scepticism and persecution by the Church and science

15:17 Academia

The effect of Western and especially English philosophy on the study of religions – Is there a bias towards looking at other religions by comparing them to the Abrahamic faiths and cultures?

22:30 Superstition

The role of superstitions in modern religions – do old superstitious practices have an influence on modern practices (e.g. touching wood). Are any modern religions creating micro-rituals or utterances of their own to save time?

30:00 Personal questions

1) How did I become interested in religions as a subject of study?

2) Who are my academic heroes in the field?

3) If money was not a problem what is the topic I would most like to study?



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Published on May 9, 2020