Love, Grief, and Postmortem SurvivalwithAugust Goforth

august goforth


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August Goforth, a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in New York City, is also an intuitive-mental and psychophysical spirit medium. He was given this name as a child by guides, and uses it here for the sake of his personal privacy and that of his therapy patients. With coauthorship from the realm of spirit, he has written The Risen: Dialogues of Love, Grief & Survival; The Risen: A Companion to Grief; Tangible Dreaming; and Grief: Ponderings From The Afterlife.

Here, he describes his childhood experiences growing up in a family of mediums. He shares the circumstances of his relationship with Timothy Gray, Tim’s death, and their eventual communication link. He explains many subtleties of mediumistic communication and the role that is played by the emotions of grief and love.

(Recorded on October 29, 2020)

Published on November 11, 2020