Kundalini RisingwithMarjorie Woollacott

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marjorie woollacott motor control: translating research into clinical practice lee sannella kundalini: psychosis or transcendence? abinava gupta tantraloka jaideva singh prayhabhijnahrdayam arthur avalon the serpent power jung the psychology of kundalini yoga barbara harris whitfield spiritual awakenings bruce greyson the handbook of near-death experiences steve taylor the leap: the psychology of spiritual awakening judson brewer the craving mind pim van lommel consciousness beyond life: the science of the near-death experience william james the principles of psychology joan shivarpita harrigan kundalini vidya: the science of spiritual transformation g jung the psychology of kundalini yoga

Marjorie Woollacott, PhD, is emeritus professor of Neuroscience and Human Physiology at the University of Oregon. She is coauthor of the textbook, Motor Control: Translating Research Into Clinical Practice. She is author of Infinite Awareness: The Awakening of a Scientific Mind.

Here she describes the results of a survey in which over 300 respondents reported details of experiences that fit the pattern of a Kundalini awakening. One surprising finding was that the reports matched those found in the writings of the tenth century philosopher and theologian, Abinavagupta. She explains the classical descriptions of Kundalini and endeavors to describe how this could be conceptualized in terms of contemporary neuroscience.

(Recorded on August 13, 2020)

Published on September 16, 2020


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