Know Your Magnetic Field | Margaret M. Moga

Know Your Magnetic Field

Margaret M. Moga

Indiana University School of Medicine, Terre Haute

Know Your Magnetic Field is a book written by an anonymous nurse in conversation with a gifted, yet enigmatic, healer named William E. Gray. He viewed his work as healing nerve tension and irritation, leading to an enhanced magnetic field, with greater health and life satisfaction. In the present talk, we examine healer insights and clairvoyant views of the human body and attempt to correlate these observations with scientific studies of healing.

The literature on healer and meditator experiences was examined for descriptions of energy sensations and internal energy movement. Scientific studies of human bio-emissions, including those of the author, were compared with these felt sensations, to help develop hypotheses for future experiments in healing.

The magnetic field of the human body is large enough to be detected 5 feet away (HeartMath website), unlike the electrical activity of the heart and brain, which require surface electrodes. Experiments involving environmental magnetic field recordings during energy healing and other bioenergetic activities show a characteristic charge-discharge process. Magnetic field discharges are described by healers as “releases”. Green et al. (1991) observed that the body voltage potential of healers increases dramatically during healing, in some cases, surging to 5 volts and then discharging. These two types of measurement, magnetic field recording, and body voltage potential, show a similar process occurring in the human body as a whole. Kundalini meditators report energy movement and extreme heat in the body, which may be due to increased current and body voltage potential. Based on their analysis of a Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) artifact, Benford and Arnold (1997) speculated that the energy of Kundalini and SHC may be subatomic in nature and involve neutron/proton emission. A subatomic basis of healing has also been proposed by Kronn (2021), based on the work of healer/researcher Dr. Yan Xin, who was able to significantly alter the decay rate of a radioactive element Am-241 (Yan et al., 2002). Thus, healers may be able to alter the weak force, which acts within the subatomic nucleus of an atom.

Healing and bioenergetic activities of the body may involve both electromagnetic and subatomic mechanisms. Magnetic field strength and voltage potential of the human body may be indicators of patient health. Knowing the energies of the body, how charge is built up and released, could guide patients in their relationships and in maintaining their own health. A subatomic mechanism could be tested by measuring proton and neutron emission during healing and/or kundalini activation.

Margaret Moga, Ph.D., is a neuroanatomist at the Indiana University School of Medicine-Terre Haute, with research articles examining the neural pathways underlying circadian rhythms and the autonomic nervous system. Her current research interest is energy healing, with a focus on identifying possible energies involved in healing and the exceptional experiences of healers. In agreement with other investigators, she has observed relatively large magnetic fields in the vicinity of healers, with ‘charge-discharge’ characteristics of Reichian orgone.

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Published on January 29, 2024