Jonathan Rowson – Two Kinds of Spiritual Bypassing

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In this recording of his insightful webinar from 2022, Dr Jonathan Rowson, co-founder and Director of Perspectiva, discusses the nature of spiritual bypassing and identifies two types: one is seeking spiritual solutions for psychological and political issues, and the other is disregarding spirituality entirely, overlooking the potential for metaphysical connections beyond materialist perspectives. He critiques both for failing to integrate spirituality with real-world challenges, likening this divide to C.P. Snow’s ‘Two Cultures’. Rowson argues for a balanced approach that values spiritual sensibility while confronting ecological and societal crises, aiming to reduce spiritual bypassing and promote transformative education for global renewal.

The SMN is exploring frontier issues at the interfaces between science, health, consciousness, and spirituality, and our webinars reflect that in a spirit of open enquiry.

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Published on February 10, 2024