Jeremy Taylor: How to Conduct a Dream Workshop (excerpt) – Thinking Allowed w/ Jeffrey Mishlove

NOTE: This is an excerpt from the full 90-minute DVD.

Dream workshops are based on the premise that all dreams are in the service of health, wholeness and actualization. Each individual is the sovereign authority regarding the interpretation of their own dreams, yet every dream has many valid interpretations. All participants in the workshop preface their interpretations by saying, “If this were my dream…”

In this comprehensive two-part program, Jeremy Taylor provides all necessary information for those wishing to organize their own dream workshops. He discusses the selection of participants, the basic ground rules, introductory processes, dream interpretation guidelines and closing processes. He also offers suggestions for remembering and recording dreams.

Jeremy Taylor is a Unitarian minister, author of Dreamwork, and a leading advocate of leaderless dream workshops.

Published on August 24, 2010