Jacques F. Vallee: J.B. Rhine Address to the 61st Annual PA Convention

Jacques F. Vallee gives the J.B. Rhine Address to the 61st Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association titled “The Software of Consciousness: Intriguing Lessons and Lingering Puzzles on the far side of StarGate.”

A private investor and executive manager of Documatica Financial, Jacques F. Vallee has had a long-term private interest in astronomy. He received a B.S in Mathematics at the Sorbonne and an M.S in Astrophysics at Lille University. Vallee moved to the USA, to the University of Texas as an astronomer where he co-developed the first computer-based map of Mars for NASA. He moved to Northwestern University and received his PhD in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Vallee is a member of the expert committee of CNES-GEIPAN, the oldest government group continuously monitoring reports of unexplained aerial phenomena. Vallee also serves on the scientific advisory board of Bigelow Aerospace in Las Vegas, NV.

From the world’s first social network as early as 1975, Vallee’s address explores how information science can offer new experimental tools for parapsychology as theoretical physics considers consciousness as a source of the emergent properties of spacetime. Vallee explains how software and information science and can inspire radical new designs for the exploration of remote viewing, and of the expanded role of the mind in creating and describing reality.

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Published on August 16, 2018