Ingo Swann’s PenetrationwithDaz Smith

daz smith


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Daz Smith is the editor and publisher of Eight Martinis: The State of the Art of Remote Viewing. He is author of Surfing the Psychic Internet, CRV: Controlled Remote Viewing, Remote Viewing Dialogues, and Remote Viewing 9/11. He works as a full-time, professional remote viewer.

Here he shares his own experience spending a day in the home of Ingo Swann, who is widely regarded as “the father of remote viewing.” He points out that all of the people he knows who have worked with Ingo have described him as an honest person of great integrity. This is why Ingo’s bizarre accounts of contact with non-human beings, through remote viewing, deserve a careful hearing. He describes in detail several such episodes in Ingo’s life, including those reported in the book Penetration.

(Recorded on November 13, 2021)

Published on November 26, 2021