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raymond moody life after life raymond moody reunions raymond moody reunions: visionary encounters with departed loved ones

Raymond Moody, PhD, MD, is author of Life After Life, the classic book that inaugurated the scientific and academic study of near-death experiences. His other books include Glimpses of Eternity, Reunions, The Light Beyond, Life After Loss, Coming Back, and Paranormal.

Here he reflects upon his lifelong quest to better understand the mystery of death. He acknowledges the existence of the afterlife, saying that he could no longer resist the evidential strength of certain cases. He also shares his passion for the philosophical exploration of near-death reports. He explains how he came to develop a classification scheme for levels and degrees of nonsense. He points out how the study of nonsense can lead to a shift in consciousness, required to fully understand the nature of the afterlife.

(Recorded on January 31, 2019)

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Published on February 5, 2019


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