Humility as a Spiritual PracticewithJason Gregory

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Jason Gregory is a student of the world’s spiritual traditions. He is author of The Science and Practice of Humility.

Here he describes how many people become ensnared in the ego to such an extent that they lose almost all awareness of their inner, spiritual center. Yet, within each of us resides a deep consciousness that we share with the entire universe. Most of us engage in a dialogue between our inner sage and our inner warrior. The warrior is caught up in the world, and wishes to struggle to make it a better place. Often, however, the best efforts of warrior mentality fail to create lasting, positive change. The sage within, in contrast, understands that the world is already perfect – even when it appears to be chaotic. The sage, therefore, lives in harmony with the rhythms and cycles of the world. This dialogue occurs between our various polarities – including masculine and feminine. An understanding of the limitations of ego consciousness engenders spiritual humility.

(Recorded on October 9, 2015)

Published on October 12, 2015


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