Huichol Indian Peyote Ritual and ShamanismwithGail Hayssen

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Gail Hayssen hosts the Small Medium At Large podcast. She has worked as a successful subject in parapsychology experiments. She has also explored shamanistic cultures around the world. She is the recipient of an honorary doctoral degree from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences. You can reach her podcast at

This is first in a new series of interview with Gail about the cultural practices of the Huichol Indians of Mexico, who are known for their peyote rituals. Gail describes her first two trips to the Huichol country and how she was welcomed into this community. She explains what life is like at 10,000 feet in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains, far from such modern conveniences as electricity and tap water. She discusses her participation in the peyote ritual. Of greatest interest, she shares several dreams that were part of these journeys and the importance of dreams for shamanism.

(Recorded on March 2, 2022)

Published on March 21, 2022


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