Holographic String Theory and the SoulwithTod Desmond

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Tod Desmond, PhD, is an adjunct professor of philosophy at the University of Southern Maryland. He is author of Psyche and Singularity: Jungian Psychology and Holographic String Theory.

Here he shares his work that is essentially an update of the efforts of Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli to discover the principles that link the psyche with the physical universe.

00:00 Introduction

05:56 Carl Jung, Wolfgang Pauli, and Leonard Suskind

14:17 Are we one with everything?

20:07 Jung’s near-death experience

26:50 Why holographic string theory?

34:26 Materialism and physics

39:46 Souls and black holes

48:28 Conservation of information

56:03 The soul and the mandala

59:21 Conclusion

(Recorded on January 6, 2024)

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Published on January 29, 2024


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