Hieroglyphic ThinkingwithNormandi Ellis

Books Mentioned In This Interview

Normandi Ellis is coauthor, with Nicki Scully, of The Union of Isis and Thoth: Magic and Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt. Her other books include Imagining the World into Existence: an Ancient Egyptian Manual of Consciousness; Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt; and Awakening Osiris: The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Here she describes the process by which she developed her ability to translate Egyptian hieroglyphs. She notes that this ancient language is one in which every symbol is connected with some aspect of divine reality. Normandi and Jeffrey also discuss the relevance of Leonard Shlain’s book, The Alphabet Versus the Goddess, in terms of understanding how graphic imagery is related to an appreciation of the feminine. She reflects upon how her work with hieroglyphs has led her to appreciate how every part of nature is filled with the divine.

(Recorded on March 18, 2016)

Published on March 20, 2016


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