Exploring Ball Lightning related to Cold Fusion, UFOs, Crop Circles, and Bigfoot | Simeon Hein

Research from John Hutchinson, Kenneth Shoulders, and more recently the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, building on the discoveries and ideas of inventor Nikola Tesla, have shown how large amounts of energy can be emitted from superconducting Exotic Vacuum Objects; tightly bound, coherent electron clusters whose behavior is described by fluid vortex dynamics. Such tightly compressed energy entities are regularly produced by Cold Fusion and LENR systems. These EVOs can create “strange radiation”, antigravity, and have been called micro Ball Lightning by scientists such as Takaaki Matsumoto and Russian researchers. This presentation suggests that electric anomalies like cars stalling and batteries draining as repeatedly experienced by witnesses around non-ordinary phenomena like UFOs, orbs, and related encounters are, in fact, related to this previously unrecognized type of coherent matter and its ability to tunnel through solid surfaces, transmute chemical elements, and create sudden, high-energy discharges when these energy wave clusters collapse.

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Published on June 27, 2023