Evaluation of Two ‘Leaked’ UFO Documents | Robert Wood

Skeptics in the UFO community have often claimed that “leaked” documents can be fabricated, then copied, and therefore the researcher is unable to establish provenance or authenticity. This author happens to have obtained two documents on original paper, thereby permitting the use of forensic techniques for dating.

One document is entitled “An Encyclopaedia of Flying Saucers”, written by New Yorker Vernon Bowen in the mid 1950s and subsequently lent to the military allegedly for review and approval prior to publication. It was returned from an Army FOI (Freedom of Information) office at Fort Meade, Maryland to a mailbox in 1999, and was classified either Confidential or Top Secret/Majic on pages dealing with the Air Force. In addition, numerous pen and pencil notations were made on the original pages, and these have been dated according to first available use of the inks involved. Several of the handwritten notes strongly support the hypothesis of a strong, sophisticated program to study UFOs and to be kept from the public.

A second document, called “The Burned Memo” because there are clear burn marks evident where it was apparently pulled from a fire, identifies a number of code word projects from the Nixon era, some of which are known and now unclassified and some of which are unknown and possibly still classified. The inferences of keeping JFK and the public in the dark about these programs are, if true, discomfiting. Each of the eight tab pages will be discussed. Some of the projects mentioned seem to deal with consciousness research.

In conclusion, the evaluation of the two “original- paper” documents strongly supports the hypothesis that there was a high level UFO research or control program called MJ-12 using the code word Majic.

Recorded at the 27th annual SSE Conference in 2008 in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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Published on November 13, 2018