Enigma Operandi and the Hintu Force | Solange Fabião

Enigma Operandi and the Hintu Force

Solange Fabião

Introduction: Can one ’s life story become a case study? This study is composed of a collection of some of the synchronistic life-changing events, dreams, artworks, architecture, and design that I have experienced over a period of thirty years in Brazil, Germany and in the US. The retrospective case-study hopes to show that what I call Hintu or High Intuition is tangible and is farther-reaching, perhaps even distinctly different than intuitive emotional responses. The data I have accumulated is multifaceted; the interconnectedness within its heterogeneity, its peculiar relation with time, all seem to call for a creative approach that goes beyond reader-response criticism while still retaining the importance of the reader/viewer; it has the potential to be evaluated as a scientific-life-story.

The Threshold: The subject matter of the unconsciously-driven body of work and of my personal art collection wasn’t visible to me for decades, until I had what I later became aware was a climactic breakthrough in 2014. My continuing allegiance to my High Intuition has proven to be fundamental: after visualizing the subject matter of the undercurrent art as the human torso, followed by the several weeks of bringing the artwork together for the first time, an unexpected pain emerged in my own torso leading up to my hospitalization and to a life-changing medical intervention. Uncannily, back at home, I found myself alive and surrounded by torso images. Subsequently, 22 Healing Dreams poured in and were registered in art-prints.

Methods: My experiment is triggered by a deep artistic call I have in me. My method is translated into acting openly: allowing Hintu permeate through oneself and letting a reaction unfold. It is very much like a creative act or eureka. To listen and to act: flow–trust–unconscious apprehension or impulse–action–outcome–recognition.

Results: The study is based on facts and establishes what I term the Enigma Operandi – The EO. EOs are occurrences that defy probability and are manifested physically sometimes presenting a two-way unorthodox causality. Synchronistic events and four EO groups compose this study, which is subdivided in nine categories ranging from basic chance encounters to unconsciously provoked materializations. My overview of those events is currently catalogued in two parts (18,000 words).

Discussion: Can a life story be acknowledged as a scientific study? Could a gravitational field provoke everything that is phenomenal? What is the makeup of Hintu? My goal with this presentation is to introduce the study, delineate its aspects with the intention of connecting with a producer or an editor interested in the interconnections between art and science, to help me shape the material into a scientific-story.

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Published on August 16, 2023