Effects of the Human Hologenome on Consciousness

Cellular Cosmology and the Effects of the Human Hologenome on Consciousness

Darius Hober

Independent Researcher

Introduction: This presentation focuses on the scientific evidence concerning microbial evolution and the terra-forming of the planet, and how this force is driving the unfoldment of consciousness within Nature, and in turn, how this relates to the human experience. The position pushes against the standard anthropomorphic and ego-centered position found in science, religions, and philosophy and reveals a more cohesive narrative that supports inclusion rather than separateness.

Essentially, microbes (bacteria, fungi, viruses) are responsible for terraforming the planet for their benefit. The soil, atmosphere, and water of our environment are created and maintained by them. We, as humans, are extensions of this activity and can be positioned as “microbial transport systems” since we are completely dependent on their actions both externally and internally and physically carry them throughout the various planetary and space environments. We cannot even perform basic physiology such as digestion without them-and actually live off the waste byproducts of their digestion. The cells within a body that are classified as human (blood, nerve, tissue, etc.) are also “independent” life forms since they are not solely dependent on the original body for existence or sustenance. Blood, tissues, and organs can be transferred from one person to another without loss of function or viability. These same cells can also be kept alive in-vitro, without a body or organic host required. This condition of recognizing the collective synergy of cells within a human form opens the door to challenging the standard model of what a human is.

Humans have 1000s of years of pondering the meaning of life and trying to understand the processes of Nature without incorporating microbes into the paradigms. We have only become “aware” of microbes for 200 years, yet they have been present nearly since the beginning of the planet. Science has only positioned the presence of microbes within humans as symbiotic recently in the 20th Century, overcoming the early trend of classifying all microbes as pathogenic.

With the advent of electron microscopy, we now realize that 90% of the cells (the building blocks of the human form) are microbial in nature and “not human”. This fact should make everyone reconsider what it means to be “human”. With the latest research of the field of Psychobiotics revealing that simply altering the microbiome within the human digestive tract through probiotics results in changing the thoughts and feelings of the individual, then the autonomy of Ego with regards to consciousness needs to be examined. There are numerous reports of microbes directly affecting the functions and behaviors of animals, such as with t.gondi and mice. The presence of t.gondi in a mouse causes it to be attracted to cat urine and changes survival behavior so that it will be eaten by a cat. This purposeful alteration of the mouse benefits t.gondi since it requires the cat as a host to complete its life cycle. We fail to extend this potential to humans due to our conditioned hubris and anthropocentric defining of Nature, yet examples of these relationships are prevalent throughout nature with all complex organisms and microbes.

Recognizing the paradigm of cellular connections and relationships throughout Nature, it offers a potential explanation for the transmission of non-local information within parapsychology. We are just discovering the communication process and network of microorganisms called Quorum Sensing. It is possible through this communication system that information is relayed beyond the standard accepted norm. Instead of looking for a meta-physical answer to many manifestations of what are characterized as parapsychological expressions, possibly Quorum Sensing could account for some of the occurrences or exhibition of these experiences. Many of the parapsychology artifacts such as psychic intuition and past-life experiences could be a result of microbial information storage and transmission and fall under the domain of science rather than being labeled mystical or spiritual.

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Published on May 22, 2022