Effect of Healing Energy on Human DNA In-Vitro

Effect of Healing Energy on Human DNA in-vitro and Ability of Various Carries to Store Healing Energy

Glen Rein

Quantum Biology Research Lab, MA, USA

Introduction: Previous studies by the author indicated Healing Arts Practitioners could change the conformation of human DNA in-vitro by measuring the winding and unwinding of the two strands. Here these studies are extended to measure the electrical conductivity of human DNA using non-linear dielectric spectroscopy (NLDS). The direct effect of healers was studied as well as indirect effects from healing energy emitted from objects like water, crystals and essential oils which had been previously exposed to the same healing energy.

Electrical conductivity of DNA has been well studied using single molecules where it has been shown that electrons and protons propagate outside and within the central channel of double-stranded DNA molecules. Such conductivity occurs via two mechanisms – classical electron hopping and quantum electron tunneling. Under resonance conditions, the latter mechanism predominates. Resonance conditions were established by measuring conductivity at a resonance frequency of DNA, rather than an arbitrary fixed frequency using by most conductivity meters. A resonance frequency of 1.58kHz for double-stranded human DNA was used for all conductivity measures using NLDS. Conductivity measurements taken at this frequency are extremely sensitive to the subtle perturbations of the DNA molecule whether they be chemical or energetic in nature. Some types of energy increase the electrical conductivity, whereas others decrease it. Here all data is expressed as a percent change relative to untreated controls done on the same day before any energies were generated in the lab. Control changes, in the absence of any energetic intervention, are usually around 10-20%.

Four different healers, using four different techniques, were tested and shown to increase conductivity of human DNA from 20 to 50%. Similar changes, but somewhat weaker, were observed when the healers treated water or crystals which could store their energy. In some experiments, four different types of crystals were exposed to the same healing energy. The next day a stock solution of DNA was placed adjacent to the tip of the crystal and the conductivity measured after one hour. Compared to untreated controls, the energy from some crystals increased the conductivity of the DNA, but the energy from other crystals caused the conductivity to decrease.

When the treated water was added to the stock DNA solution or the stock solution was placed adjacent to an energy-emitting crystal, complex changes in the conductivity measures were observed. The changes were reproducible in subsequent trials, although the magnitude of the effects varied from trial to trial. The energy was stored in the water lattice and the crystal structures for about 2 months, gradually decreasing in magnitude from week to week.

In another series of tests, the DNA was initially damaged by pre-exposure to cell phone radiation. After being damaged, the DNA was left to recover (for an hour) by itself (no intervention) or in the presence of an energy-emitted crystal. The stored healing energy had a marked effect on the recovering DNA molecules. In one experiment, for example, after damage, conductivity of DNA increased by 25% with no intervention, but increased by 49% in the presence of stored healing energy. The magnitude in the difference between control and experimental conditions varied from experiment to experiment but always in the same direction.

The implications of this research will be discussed in terms of the feasibility of using inert carriers to store healing energy for subsequent use and to further understand the scientific mechanisms for storing subtle energies in physical carriers.

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Published on May 25, 2022