Ecopsychology and Environmental HazardswithBeverly Rubik

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Beverly Rubik, PhD, a biophysicist, is president of the Institute for Frontier Science. She is also currently president of the U. S. Psychotronics Association. She is also professor of integrative medicine at Saybrook University.

Here she points out that our global environment is being flooded with new forms and frequencies of electromagnetic radiation as well as new chemicals. We are like frogs being heated slowly in a pot of water. But, over time, these environmental changes are taking a toll on public health, and particularly mental health. There are also positive signs — as some electromagnetic frequencies can stimulate well-being. She argues that the human body is both chemical and electromagnetic — just as subatomic entities can be both particles and waves.

(Recorded on May 6, 2019)

Published on May 21, 2019


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