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In this inspiring 2022 webinar featuring Dr Filippo Dal Fiore who will discuss how to develop Science with a Heart by expanding our ways of knowing, and experiencing other levels of reality. For Filippo, wholeness of being is the ever-present reality of Love that lies at the essence of our manifested world and Universe. Join us for this key exploration that lies at the heart of the Network.

Filippo Dal Fiore says: “The reductionist-materialist paradigm that affects all sciences appears very effective in “mastering” nature and society, but seems to empty life of its wholeness, meaning and magic.

Within and beyond academia, the resulting existential void is often filled by a strong attachment to disciplines, that is to the beauty of their simplistic perspectives and the power of the ideologies upon which they are grounded.

Science with a Heart is my vision to reconnect our scientific epistemology to the wholeness of being, that is the ever-present reality of Love that lies at the essence of our manifested world and universe. By ontologically distinguishing two levels of reality – the superficial vs. the fundamental – it is in my view possible to pave the way for a new paradigm that can help us reconcile our scientific adventure to the good universal common sense which defines our humanity.”.

The SMN is exploring frontier issues at the interfaces between science, health, consciousness, and spirituality, and our webinars reflect that in a spirit of open enquiry.

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Published on May 25, 2024