Doorways to Higher Consciousness by Dr. Alan Vaughan

Note on audio: Due to the age of the original film, if you’re listening on your smart phone, it’s important to wear ear buds. On all other devices the audio is fine with or without a headset.

In one of the earliest Perspectives Lectures to be held at the Eileen J. Garrett Library when the Parapsychology Foundation was located on 71st a few doors up from 2nd Avenue on the Upper East side of Mahattan, Dr. Alan Vaughan gave this presentation based on his experience as a psychic and as a collaborator in a number of important research efforts in the scientific study of parapsychology.

The Parapsychology Foundation is a not for profit founded in December of 1951 which supports the scientific study of psychic phenomena through conferences, publications, grants and awards, and its by appointment only library, the Eileen J. Garrett Library, in Greenport, New York.

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Published on March 1, 2018