Do Atmospheric Aberrations Precede Seismic Activity? | Marsha Adams

Many anecdotal accounts exist of aberrant atmospheric colors, rainbows, and light flashes prior to seismic activity but few have been recorded. A collection of optical anomalies which occurred prior to seismic activity will be presented. These include: this author’s film pictures from the early 1980’s that show reddish hue sky color changes prior to local earthquakes in the San Francisco Bay Area. A “fire rainbow” in Sichuan China that occurred just 30 minutes before the 2008, M7.8 earthquake. Flashes of light recorded on video in a clear sky prior to an earthquake swarm near the CA-OR border. An anomalous mirage seen from the air over the San Francisco Bay area the day after the Livermore 1980, M5.8 quake. Dramatic changes in the sky color in Sedona Arizona, prior to the April 4, 2010 Guadalupe Victoria Baja M7.2 quake (approximately 250 miles from Sedona). Subsequent similar sky color changes prior to major Baja aftershocks and other notable seismic activity. Various components of the optical spectrum will be explored as well as possible mechanisms for the aberrations.

Marsha Adams is the President of the non-profit International Earthlight Alliance (IEA). IEA’s goal is to make science more user-friendly through the study of anomalies. Originally trained in chemistry and biology she broadened her knowledge to geophysics and specializes in interdisciplinary research. In her 13 years in medical research, she has published several pioneering papers such as co-authoring a publication with Stanford’s Norman Shumway that launched the popularity of coronary bypass surgery. She pioneered the concept that earthquakes could be forecast by monitoring extremely low frequency EM, and constructed the first civilian monitoring station to do so in the late 1970s. She was part of the Remote Viewing (RV) project at SRI International (where she also worked as a Sr. systems analyst) . She published two papers showing that RV results were influenced by the ambient geomagnetic field.

Marsha Adams investigates influences of the measurable geophysical environment on biological processes. She has examined databases of tens of thousands of cases of biological data correlating them with solar-terrestrial activity. She goes on world wide expeditions to measure sacred sites, earthlight sites, effigy mounds, Mexican pyramids, geopathic zones, and even crop circles. She has assembled a geophysical observatory in Sedona, AZ to study earthlights and other anomalies that exist in the area.

Recorded at the 30th annual SSE Conference in 2011 at the Millennium Harvest House in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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Published on November 12, 2018