Diane Skafte: Listening to the Oracle, Part 1 (excerpt)

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Dianne Skafte is professor of psychology and mythological studies at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpenteria, California. She is author of Listening to the Oracle: The Ancient Art of Finding Guidance in the Signs and Symbols All Around Us. She defines oracles as a source of life-changing wisdom and guidance. Drawing upon ancient cultures, she refers to the oracle of Delphi, the Chinese I Ching, the tarot cards, and the practices of Native Americans. She suggests that we are experiencing a reawaking of oracular consciousness. However, oracles are not for everyone. Those who are fearful of such methods are best advised to avoid them.

In Part II Diane Skafte describes a Greek practice of divination based on exhumed bones of departed loved ones. Extensive ritual preparation is involved, and the experience is considered one that both necessitates and facilitates spiritual deepening. She also notes the similarity between the Greek and Tibetan practices of facing the impermanence of life. In addition she notes that psychic consultants and channels serve as oracles in the modern age. Ultimately, listening to the oracle, or deciding to ignore an ostensible oracular voice, requires inner discernment and intuition.

Published on May 5, 2021