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Concepts of Afterlife, Death and Near-Death Experiences across religions and cultures.


Chris Deacy, Head of Religious Studies at the University of Kent. Currently leading a module/course focused on Death, Afterlife and Near-Death Experiences.

David Wilson, Religious Studies PhD at the University of Edinburgh and author of the book ‘Redefining Shamanisms’. David specialises in Spiritualism & Western mediumship as forms of shamanism.

Giorgio Scalici, Post-doctoral Researcher at Nova universidade de Lisboa. He specialises in Death rituals in Indonesian shamanistic traditions.

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Jeffrey Albaugh, program manager for the Conference on Current Pagan Studies and the co-chair for the Pagan Studies Unit of the American Academy of Religion, Western Regional.

Jennifer Uzzell, Doctoral Researcher at Durham University. She specialises in death rites in Druidry and owns a Progressive Funeral home!


Shanell Papp, Canadian video and textile artist. Her research and art are focused around death images, the grotesque and labour.

Veenat Arora, Lecturer at Chandigarh College, India. She is a Sociologist of religion, specialised in Death philosophy within Indian traditions.

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Published on November 9, 2020