Cultivating Psychokinesis, Part Three: The Art of Manifesting,withJoseph Gallenberger

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Joseph Gallenberger, PhD, is a clinical psychologist. He is author of Inner Vegas: Creating Abundance, Miracles, and Health and Liquid Luck: The Good Fortune Handbook. He is a senior trainer with the Monroe Institute near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Here he describes how he developed the MC-squared program at the Monroe Institute, as a way of cultivating Psychokinesis within a peaceful resort setting. Exercises involve dice games and participants also engage in such processes as spoon-bending, making seeds sprout rapidly, and causing fluorescent light bulbs to glow – even at a distance. In addition, he describes the relationship between psychokinesis and manifesting good things in life, such as loving relationships.

(Recorded September 29, 2015)

Published on October 2, 2015


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