Contemporary Witchcraft and ShamanismwithAngela Puca

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antoine faivre western esotericism: a concise history wouter hanegraaff esotericism and the academy: rejected knowledge in western culture marco pasi aleister crowley and the temptation of politics kocku von stuckrad western esotericism: a brief history of secret knowledge suzanne owen the appropriation of native american spirituality carlos casteneda the teachings of don juan: a yaqui way of knowledge philip hestleton wiccan roots: gerald gardner and the modern witchcraft revival kocku von stuckrad the scientification of religion margaret murray the witch cult in western europe margaret murray the god of the witches ronald hutton the triumph of the moon: a history of modern pagan witchcraft andy hilton anthropology and mysticism in the making of initiation museo chileno mapuche: seeds of the chilean soul mircea eliade shamanism: archaic techniques of ecstasy charles leland stregheria: italian traditional witchcraft michael harner cave and cosmos: shamanic encounters with another reality

Angela Puca, MA, PhD Candidate, is a Lecturer at Leeds Trinity University and a Doctoral Researcher in the Department of Religious Studies at University of Leeds/Leeds Trinity University. Her doctoral research is on “Autochthonous and Trans-cultural Shamanism in Italy”. She hosts “Angela’s Symposium” channel on YouTube. The link is

Here she explains that there is a small, but growing, interest in academic research on western esoteric traditions. Such research actually has a discernible influence upon those traditions, as practitioners often seek validity from those they perceive as experts. Paradoxically, there is also a strong “post-truth” inclination among such practitioners in which factual observation and expert authority is ignored in favor of compelling narratives.

(Recorded on August 22, 2020)

Published on September 25, 2020


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