Contemporary Witchcraft and ShamanismwithAngela Puca

angela puca


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Angela Puca, MA, PhD Candidate, is a Lecturer at Leeds Trinity University and a Doctoral Researcher in the Department of Religious Studies at University of Leeds/Leeds Trinity University. Her doctoral research is on “Autochthonous and Trans-cultural Shamanism in Italy”. She hosts “Angela’s Symposium” channel on YouTube. The link is

Here she explains that there is a small, but growing, interest in academic research on western esoteric traditions. Such research actually has a discernible influence upon those traditions, as practitioners often seek validity from those they perceive as experts. Paradoxically, there is also a strong “post-truth” inclination among such practitioners in which factual observation and expert authority is ignored in favor of compelling narratives.

(Recorded on August 22, 2020)

Published on September 25, 2020