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andy hilton anthropology and mysticism in the making of initiation thomas paine common sense, rights of man steve wright storming heaven antonio negri and michael hardt empire antonio negri and michael hardt multitude andrew yang the war on normal people michael grosso the final choice elizabeth kolbert the sixth extinction

Andy Hilton is author of Anthropology and Mysticism in the Making of Initiation. He is also coeditor of the anthology, Perspectives on Commoning.

Here he describes the idea of “commoning” as derived from the commons associated with medieval villages. Typically, this was a square in the center where the residents would graze their sheep. It has evolved into a grassroots movement related to the sharing of property — both physical and intellectual. The conversation focuses on the political implications of commoning and the idea that, individually and as a human community, we contain within ourselves a diversity of political perspectives.

(Recorded on January 26, 2020)

The Political Theory of Neo-Liberalism –

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Published on February 7, 2020


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