Classic Reboot: SynchronicitywithChristian de Quincey

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christian de quincey radical nature: the soul of matter

Christian de Quincey, PhD, is a faculty member at John F. Kennedy University and Sophia University. He is founder and director of the Wisdom Academy. He is author of Radical Nature: The Soul of Matter, Radical Knowing: Understanding Consciousness Through Relationship, Consciousness From Zombies to Angels: The Shadow and the Light of Knowing Who You Are, Deep Spirit: Cracking the Noetic Code, and Blindspots: 21 Good Reasons to Think Before You Talk.

In this video from 2015, he discusses the concept of synchronicity as popularized by the great Swiss psychiatrist, Carl G. Jung. Several classical Jungian examples of synchronicity are presented. He makes a point of stressing the non-causal aspect of synchronistic events, pointing out that they are connected in time – but not necessarily in space. He discusses synchronistic events in the context of a panpsychist view of reality – the idea that consciousness pervades all levels of the physical universe.

(Recorded on August 23, 2015)

Published on December 24, 2020


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