Channeling and Non-Local ConsciousnesswithDr. Helané Wahbeh

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Is channeling all about a medium accessing her higher self, the Akashic Records or another entity? Or is it far more than that?

Dr. Helené Wahbeh, the Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, addresses the nature of channeling and its connection to consciousness and our interconnectedness. She explains that channeling is a capacity that all humans have, and it can range from intuitive hits to mediumship. Dr. Wahbeh addresses the challenges faced by scientists in studying channeling and the resistance to accepting these phenomena. She also references research that demonstrates the effects of channeling on individuals and collective consciousness. The conversation explores the potential of channeling for personal growth and finding solutions to societal problems.

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00:00 Introduction and overview

01:13 Dr. Wahbeh’s background and expertise

05:00 Concept of non-local consciousness

06:24 Personal experiences with channeling

10:07 Challenges with the scientific community

14:35 Channeling and intention

22:44 Potential of channeling for personal & societal growth

27:07 Resistance and closed-mindedness

30:50 Veil of consciousness, evolution of humanity

32:34. Divisiveness and existential Crises

35:07 Ethics and morality in channeling

37:03 Hope for the future

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Published on April 26, 2024


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