An Explanation of the Powers of Franz Mesmer | Franz Mesmer

Although Franz Anton Mesmer is immortalized in our language with the verb – to mesmerize – his discovery of animal magnetism has been reinterpreted over the centuries to mean a sexual power of attraction. Only specialists in the fields of mental and spiritual healing are really acquainted with the man Franz Anton Mesmer and what place he occupies in the history of human civilization. This article attempts to rectify that situation and give a testimonial to the greatness and genius of the real person Franz Anton Mesmer who not only was the pioneer of virtually every modern practice of mental and spiritual healing and profoundly changed modern religious practices in general, but also anticipated by almost 250 years the modern science of radiogenetics where it has now been found that the ferritin in our bodies, which is a paramagnetic material that can be manipulated by electromagnetic waves (radio waves including brain waves) and also by magnetic fields. In other words, there really is a magnetic fluid in our bodies and there really is such a thing as animal magnetism as originally claimed by Franz Anton Mesmer.

This article does not claim that Franz Anton Mesmer invented animal magnetism, and if he had not lived, then all the modern practices of mental and spiritual healing as well as hypnotism, psychology and psychiatry would not have occurred, because quite clearly all these practices and disciplines are the essence of the human condition, and if Franz Anton Mesmer had not started the ball rolling, then some other historical person would have. This article attempts to address the fact that the historical person Franz Anton Mesmer was the genius who started the ball rolling, and for that reason alone his name deserves to appear in lights in the history of human civilization. The name Franz Anton Mesmer should have top billing.

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Published on August 25, 2023