Altered States of Consciousness in MedicinewithLaurin Bellg

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Laurin Bellg, MD, is chair of the Department of Medicine for ThedaCare in Appleton, Wisconsin. She is also director of two intensive care units. She is author of Near Death in the ICU.

Here she describes the range of ostensibly paranormal experiences that her patients have experienced either during medical crises or during surgery. These include out-of-body experiences, classical near-death experiences, and visitations deceased relatives. Sometimes these experiences are very positive for the patients. Sometimes they are frightening. She notes that if family members and friends or medical professionals invalidate these experiences when patients report them, this may have a damaging effect. Even when such reports are clearly hallucinatory, such as when a patient who is not ambulatory describes walking around through the hospital, those who hear such reports would do well to keep an open mind.

(Recorded on October 10, 2015)

Published on November 4, 2015


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