Alchemy, Entheogens, & The EsotericwithP. D. Newman

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P. D. Newman is author of Alchemically Stoned: The Psychedelic Secret of Freemasonry and also Angels in Vermilion: The Philosopher’s Stone from Dee to DMT. He is a 32nd degree master mason.

Here he points out that many species of the acacia tree contain DMT, the most potent psychedelic known. The very earliest alchemical writings – ie, those of Zosimos in the fourth century, AD – explicitly refer to the use of the acadia tree to derive the “philosopher’s stone.” Fourteen centuries later, the writings of Cagliostro are explicit that a potion derived from the acacia tree served as the basis for illumination in the Egyptian Rites that he initiated. Many other examples point to an intimate connection between entheogens and western esotericism.

(Recorded on October 11, 2022)

Published on October 26, 2022


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