A New Phase of Random Event Generator Applications | John C. Valentino

The launch of Psyleron, an organization that provides Random Event Generator devices, software, and data processing services to research laboratories, corporate enterprises, and home users, has enabled new opportunities for rapid data acquisition and enhanced practical understanding of the underlying phenomena. Online data collection makes it possible for multiple simultaneous operators to generate large databases and to explore variables on a scale not previous possible. The combination of subjective and objective correlations being reported by the users adds to the knowledge base regarding the enhancement of the anomalous effects under study, providing new insights and suggesting new applications for these devices. After an overview of the composite effort, the presentation will focus on preliminary findings, how they relate to conventional assumptions about such effects, and their implications for future research and beneficial deployment.

As a young intern at the PEAR lab, Valentino involved himself in developing new REG hardware and software, analyzing experiments, and engaging others in consciousness research.

While pursuing an education in business and engineering, he remained actively involved as an operator-experimenter and came to believe that progress in this field would require a new approach to REG studies. This led him to found Psyleron, where he has served as CEO since 2005.

Recorded at the 27th annual SSE Conference in 2008 in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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Published on November 13, 2018